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Rams rookie Greg Zuerlein is the first player in NFL history with two field goals of at least 58 yards in the same game.

Discovered at small-school Missouri Western State, Zuerlein is perfect on 12 field-goal attempts this season. His big leg has earned him the nickname "Legatron" to go with "Greg the Leg" and "Young G.Z." If Zuerlein is available in leagues that award points for distance, he's worth picking up this week.


cogwheel 5 years ago

Be advised of the possible impact on Zuerlein's fantasy-reliability that losing Amendola might cause, guys.

Being fantasy-successful with a kicker like Zuerlein requires him being in the sort of mediocre offense that strikes a delicate balance; just good enough to consistently move the ball down the field, and just bad enough to then consistently fail in the red-zone. Before tonight, the Rams seemed perfect for that, but losing Amendola could be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Now the Rams may not be able to move the ball much *at all*, and if so, you'll probably be looking at 4 to 6 more weeks like tonight from Zuerlein in fantasy.

TouchdownBundy 5 years ago

the problem was that last night the rams actually got into the endzone (2/3 in the redzone) and also Bradford threw a bad interception or Zuerlein would've had two FG's (and the one he kicked was a 53 yarder that would've split the uprights from 63 yds). Amendola's injury hurts them but the rams defense is vastly improved (great d-line but immense improvement in the secondary) and this should help keep them in decent field position. I really don't see much drop off in Zuerlein's production, all the rams have to do is cross the 50 and the guy can hit it.

TouchdownBundy 5 years ago

correction, 1/2 in the redzone. the other TD was a long TD pass ( and even more rare occurrence for the rams) . But if they missed this pass (which they usually do) they were set up for a long Zuerlein FG.

Riggs44R 5 years ago

Dennis, you are correct! This could give Legatron even more long distance bonus! This cogwheel really doesn't know his a** from a hole in the wall!

Riggs44R 5 years ago

I think I have him in 27 or 28 of my 30 leagues on Flea plus all 3 on ESPN. Drafted him in some, others I picked him up just before kickoff of WEEK 1. The only 1 or 2 I didn't I had either old man Hanson, Bryant or Hartley. A buddy of mine texted with me for 2-3 hours during his pay league draft and I told him to pick Greg the Leg in the last round and he was like WHO??? I said just trust me! This past weekend when he boomed the 60 yarder and the 58, my buddy texted me again with "Greg... THE... LEG!

swojo 5 years ago

I hear ya man. I am a Ravens fan. He's like a Stover with distance

Riggs44R 5 years ago

Why? Is Stover very very accurate?

swojo 5 years ago

hell yeah, i am not exaggerating when I say we would have never won the super bowl without him. He had a 100% average in 16 of his 19 seasons and the remaing 3 he had an average of no less than 96%

HitByMixBitch 5 years ago

Dropped SeaBass for him. ;p

Skills 5 years ago

Legatron!!!! Ahahahah

Upper90 5 years ago

I'm in STL. Greg The Leg is fast becoming a cult figure here. The kickers from the other teams come out to watch him kick pregame warmups. Dude doesn't miss. All the Rams need to do is cross the fifty. He's definitely worth picking up in any league, not just those that award points for distance. I'm going to the game tomorrow night and will be getting there early just to watch his pregame show.

HitByMixBitch 5 years ago

He has more points than Gronkowski so far

JSoccorso28 5 years ago

I have the worst TM and K points in my league so far, hopefully this guy will keep it up and I can win the scrappy points battle.

Core1109 5 years ago

All hail Legatron!

TouchdownBundy 5 years ago

people laughed at me for picking up "Greg the Leg" after week 1. He's been my most consistent FF scorer this year (yea, not very impressive when your best player is a kicker, but still a good pickup).

btw, I'd say he's worth picking up in ANY league but especially in leagues with extra points for distance. Rams cant get into the endzone and endup kicking alot of FG's. Zuerlin is tied for the league lead in FGM and is second in FGA.

Wizard831 5 years ago

I drafted him after scouting kickers and got him in 14th round....should have seen the others....like "who's this guy"?? LOL

TouchdownBundy 5 years ago

nice call! I liked Zuerlein in preseason but you never know with kickers who's gonna have a good year so I drafted one (can't remember who now) that was supposed to play for a high scoring team- oh wait it was Henery for the Eagles.

Hammer1026 5 years ago

Yeah, same here - picked up "the leg" a few weeks ago and he's damn-near outscored Matty Ice the last 2-3 weeks - cannot believe how consistent and powerful this kid is, truely amazing... I even told my bro to pick him up in a league where he had Hanson from the Lions on bye week and he went, "WHO"...?? I said trust me, you'll be fine : )

preseamans 5 years ago

just picked up legatron cant wait to see what he does tonite against the cardinals!

Hammer1026 5 years ago

Well, I got 7 points outta him tonight, which is def on his low side, although it's decent... the best part was I had the Rams +3 (gotta love the home dawg, hey-oo!) so I'll take it and wait for him to tear it up again after 10+days of rest between games! ; )

TouchdownBundy 5 years ago

yea, he shoulda had two FG's but a dumb interception by Bradford in the redzone cost him. Plus , unlike their usual M.O. , the rams actually got into the endzone twice last night.

Hammer1026 5 years ago

Yeah Bradford didn't have a great game (sans the 2 passing td's) while only going 7-21 I believe...? usually the leg is the majority of their offense so this def smells like the worst of what we should expect from the leg moving forward... especially when playing indoors... I'm liking!