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Rams K Greg Zuerlein made two field goals from 50-plus yards out in the Rams' Week 13 overtime win over the 49ers.

This should snap Legatron out of his mini-slump. His 53-yarder sent the game into overtime and he then converted a 54-yard blast with ease to win the game. He's now 7-of-11 on field goals from 50-plus yards out and 21-of-27 overall. Zuerlein will be facing much more difficult conditions in Buffalo next week.


TouchdownBundy 5 years ago

yes he's got the leg but can he kick on the road. Hope so, he played college in Mo., I think, and not in a dome so he should be use to adverse kicking conditions.

CarlisleWeenie 5 years ago

I heard it will be raining in Buffalo. Could be poor footing.

TouchdownBundy 5 years ago

crap. it still shouldn't affect him much I wouldn't think except maybe take some yards off his distance. He should be used to the rain from his college days. I think he's been having some self-doubt since the Miami game, hopefully last week put him back on track.