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Mike Jurecki of XTRA Sports confirms Beanie Wells remains on track to start when eligible to be activated from I.R./designated for return in Week 12.

La'Rod Stephens-Howling will make his final start in Week 11 against Atlanta. Wells appears to already be fully recovered from his early-season toe and knee injuries. The Cardinals will face the Rams in two Sundays.


GeorgeGotGame 5 years ago

Just lost McCoy. Do you think he's worth a start this week??

GeorgeGotGame 5 years ago

Week 12

Yoshi 5 years ago

I am starting Beanie over McCoy as well. Just seems like Wells will get more carries and they won't be rushing McCoy back that's for sure. I have Bradhsaw as well if anyone suggests else.

DuncanDew 5 years ago

I lost McCoy to....but I do have Howling....I would think they would only use Wells for couple of touches...slowly bring him back.

Yoshi 5 years ago

From what has been stated for the past couple weeks. Wells has been ready for a while now. And the Cardinals are ready to let him carry. And just completely take out Stephen.

Yoshi 5 years ago

All I know is McCoy has a concussion and is playing Monday Night (I hate when that happens) and I doubt he will play. And Bradshaw I just don't know what to expect from him.

Peterson11 5 years ago

He shouldn't even start right off the bat. Hyphen has been doing good! Why stop it?

T-Harv 5 years ago

Never heard of "XTRA Sports..." Sounds like a fly by night outfit.

TouchdownBundy 5 years ago

drafted him then dropped him then picked him up about 4 weeks ago. I'm not planning on playing him, good god no. Just wanted to roster him so no one else in my league who is desperate at RB could take him.

mevic1 5 years ago

I've had you on IR since week 4, you better come through for me!

LiscenseToChill 5 years ago

that sucks i just picked him up !

jfever24 5 years ago

Because he cares that "you've" had him on IR since week 4... hmmm k.

mevic1 5 years ago

I know he doesn't care about some random fantasy player, but he's essentially my season's Hail-Mary so I decided to make a joke of it. Don't know why I specifically mattered enough for someone to "correct" my thinking when every injury update has 3 or 4 of these that are sincere.

t_buck7 5 years ago

Yeah jfever he was clearly typing directly to Wells.... Lighten up.

LiscenseToChill 5 years ago

i second this comment, Fantasy football is serious stuff if you didnt already know.