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Michael Crabtree had the stitches removed from his torn right Achilles' tendon Monday.

Crabtree underwent surgery to repair his full tear on May 22. Now that the stitches are out, he can begin the long rehab process. In a best-case scenario for the 49ers, Crabtree will contribute in the final month of the regular season.


joegibbskins07 4 years ago

by the last month of the season, one of three things would be in play against Crabtree returning to full starter status;

1) the team suffered from post-superbowlitise and did a massive belly flop making Crabtree's rush to get on the field pointless and not worth him reinjuring himself.

2) the team has had great success in his absence and will find his return as a starter to be a disruption to their flow. if that's the case, look for him to take much fewer snaps.

3) I am totally wrong and he jumps in the starting lineup and becomes an instant beast for the niners.

I will go with #2.

Michakav 4 years ago

I go with #3, but take #1 as the sure thing. I don't think they will flop, but he is too young and valuable to rush back into service.

joegibbskins07 4 years ago

wow, you trolled DEEP for this one! i posted that over a month ago, lol.

Michakav 4 years ago

Damn, just saw that. Just saw it yesterday and responded...lol