QB DET (7)
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Matthew Stafford completed 17-of-39 passes for 266 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions versus the Packers in Week 11.

Stafford was as bad as the 43.6 completion percentage and 54.0 passer rating suggest. Tony Scheffler bears some responsibility for M.D. Jennings' 72-yard pick-six, but Stafford was off target and careless with the ball all game. He killed the team's momentum with a side-armed interception just before halftime, took an ill-timed sack, and lost a fumble while carrying the ball like a loaf of bread. Stafford has a tough matchup in Week 12 versus the Texans.


TonyBalowknee 5 years ago

Stafford, Palmer, or Henne this week?

hardknock27 5 years ago

Iv got Stafford and Henne. I think im starting Henne this week. Putting Stafford in timeout lol

TonyBalowknee 5 years ago

thinkin the same lol

Gibbs1991 5 years ago

I have Stafford and Dalton. It angers me how both are so incredibly inconsistent.

The_Woodman 5 years ago

I have them both too. I now going on matchups and I am leaning towards Dalton. I hope he does not burn me.

kaellinn18 5 years ago

I have Stafford, Dalton, and Luck. They all drive me insane.

Gibbs1991 5 years ago

Same here

cogwheel 5 years ago

Coaches need to start slapping some sense into Stafford. He shouldn't *still* be doing those stupid side-arm throws at this point in his career, and I have difficulty believing it's unconscious. I think he's throwing like that on purpose, because he's just deliberately careless and undisciplined.

Dollars to donuts Stafford is only still doing these things with his mechanics because he's coddled by the coaching staff. Schwartz needs to put on his big boy pants and do his job. If the kid won't get it together, make a statement and bench his ass and put in Shaun Hill. That'll scare Stafford straight.

peeinian 5 years ago

I think he got hurt early in the season, possibly even week 1 and it has been affecting him all year. He hasn't looked right since the second half of the first game against the Rams. It might not be bad enough to keep him out of practice, so they aren't putting him on the injury report.

cogwheel 5 years ago

He threw three picks in the FIRST half of that game against the Rams, man.