QB ATL (5)
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Matt Schaub completed 18-of-32 passes for 178 yards with no touchdowns or interceptions in the Texans' Week 16 loss to the Vikings.

Credit the Vikings' defense. Not only did they completely bottle up Adrian Peterson, but they didn't let the Texans' tight ends get free. It left Schaub flustered and peppering Andre Johnson with short targets. He didn't even come back out for the Texans' final drive as they trailed 23-6 with four minutes left. Schaub will now have to play a full game in Week 17 as the Texans need to win at Indy to clinch home-field advantage.


SnakeStabler 5 years ago

The Vikings bottled up AP??? What the hell? Nice reporting...duh.

SnakeStabler 5 years ago

Absolutely killed me in 3 championships. Thanks Matt....not!