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Lions declared RB Kevin Smith, CBs Jacob Lacey and Bill Bentley, OLs Jason Fox and Corey Hilliard, and DE Ronnell Lewis inactive for Monday night's game against the Bears.

Smith has fallen behind Mikel Leshoure and Joique Bell on the depth chart. Third-string running back Stefan Logan offers special teams ability. Jonte Green is expected to start opposite Chris Houston with Lacey (concussion) and Bentley (shoulder) out. Kellen Moore is the third quarterback.


rockmo66 5 years ago

If he's not hurt, play him or trade him...or just continue to lose.

Ghost_Lombardi 5 years ago

Leshoure and Bell, both fumbled.

Smith is street clothes.

Calvin Johnson with, what, zero TDs in the last since games.

8-2 from here out gets the Lions to 10-6 - probably not good enough for a wildcard spot, and 8-2 is pretty unrealistic anyway.

Aaroon 5 years ago

Maybe they might think about putting there most reliable RB back in after those fumbles. Naa, Its the Lions we are talking about here.


RobertoP 5 years ago

My favorite Wayne Fontes was the draw play on 3rd and 9. It never worked, but he kept trying it anyway. I think Schwartz is smarter than that. I have no doubt that he's keeping Smith around in case something happens to Leshoure, who is clearly their most talent back.