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Lance Moore played on 40-of-61 offensive in Sunday night's loss to the Broncos.


benbejammin 5 years ago

Moore or Maclin??

Flywron 5 years ago

Moore or Stevie Johnson??? Any thoughts would help!!

KillerRabbit 5 years ago

Lance Moore or Josh Gordon? I have a pretty good idea which one I wanna start but some outsider advice would be appreciated.

TeamJordanTyson 5 years ago

Moore vs. phili or Santana Moss vs. panthers?

litoness 5 years ago


Greg_W 5 years ago

What does this even mean?

Is 2/3 snaps a good amount for a receiver?

Is he Drew's favourite target?

Booya024 5 years ago

It means Saints WR suck to have on your team.

litoness 5 years ago

Exactly. It means you never know who will get the ball. He played almost the whole game and still only got 3 passes for like 25 yards.

CharlieMurphy 5 years ago

your gonna wanna play l Moore @ the super dome in a shoot out against Philly.

MrBoom-Boom 5 years ago

Tell me bout it! I have both Colsten & Moore on my team. It has been frustratin' all year.