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Josh Freeman completed 15-of-26 passes for 328 yards, three touchdowns and one interception against the Chiefs in Week 6.

Freeman simply put the ball up and let his receivers make plays down the field. Mike Williams and Tiquan Underwood both had fluky long gainers with defenders falling down after the catch. The 12.6 YPA is the highest of Freeman's career, the 328 yards the second-highest, and the 124.7 passer rating the fourth-highest. Although Freeman's boffo performance speaks more about opponent and luck, he has a chance for back-to-back fantasy feasts with tasty matchup versus the Saints in Week 7.


BucsForLife96 5 years ago

What are you saying? Flowers and Routt compliment eachother so well, which is why they are in the top 5 in pass defence before Tampa abused them. Overall, the linebackers together are good. Individually they aren't the best. Hali is an amazing pass rusher, Johnson makes all the tackles and Houston is a great young player who will be a star in a couple seasons. Check the stats, they were one of the best pass defences before Freeman came along. Name me an overall linebacking core that is better than the Chiefs. Together there linebackers are outstanding.

BucsForLife96 5 years ago

this reply was @trefights btw.

justin_2pac 5 years ago

i have matt ryan on bye, freeman or palmer this week?

JordyNels 5 years ago

Freeman, any time a team plays the Saints, expect a shootout.

GeorgeGotGame 5 years ago

That's who he is filling in for on my team, those were my thoughts exactly. He has looked good the last 2 games, hopefully he keeps moving in the right direction.

BucsForLife96 5 years ago

What do they mean his performance is the result of "opponent and luck"?

Coming into the game, the Chiefs had a top 5 passing defence. They have two shutdown corners in Routt and Flowers. Not to mention probably the best linebacking core in the leauge with Justin Houston, Tamba Hali, and Derrick Johnson. Also let's not forget they have a star safety whose only getting better in Eric Berry, so overall this was an extremely tough defense to throw against. Honestly, I have Freeman in another league and I benched him thinking he'd be no chance against this defence.

trefights 5 years ago

you are reaching...their corners are above avg at best...LB's are not best in league or even in argument for that title...and its DEFENSE not defence...wow