TE CAR (11)
5 years ago3 Comments

Greg Olsen was held to a 31 yards on four receptions versus the Cowboys in Week 7.

Olsen was targeted just five times compared to nine for third receiver Louis Murphy. He's drawn eight combined targets the past two weeks after racking up 21 in Weeks 3-4. Olsen is more of a TE2 option in his return to Chicago next week.


tonyh322 5 years ago

Isn't Chicago pretty vulnerable to the TE position because of the pass defense they run leaving the short/middle of the field pretty open? Olsen has proven himself as a viable number 2 target to Cam and if that's what's open maybe we'll see a big game from him next week.

Frank_Price 5 years ago

Once again! When GO is not used! You Lose! When Carolina goes to GO 7-8 times a game they win!!!

Hammer1026 5 years ago

I love this matchup for him this weekend coming back to Chicago to play against his former team (Coach Rivera is also a former Bear player)... I think the Panthers will dramatically simplify the gameplan for Cam with a lot of running game from the 3-headed monster of Stew, DWill, and Tolbert, and then take some shots down the field along with rollouts to Olsen... I'm playing Olsen over the likes of Witten in 1 league and Celek in another even though they're projected for more points (not that I trust projections 100%, just saying who I'm playing him over and how it looks crazy due to the current week projections).