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Sat 1/23/21 6:17 PM15 Comments

Stafford and the Lions have mutually agreed to part ways this offseason, Tom Pelissero of NFL Network reports.
EDGE Analysis
Stafford expressed his desire for a fresh start, and the Lions have agreed to grant that request. In turn, the team will look for a trade partner this offseason. Stafford was impressive once again in 2020, completing 64 percent of his passes for 4,084 yards (7.7 YPA), 26 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. The 32-year-old is a known commodity and would be a valuable addition to a contender. He has three years remaining on his contract, and he'll carry a $20 million cap hit in 2021 if he's traded, according to Field Yates of ESPN. The Lions still have quarterbacks Chase Daniel and David Blough under contract next season, and they hold the No. 7 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.


johnwhichello Sun 1/24/21 1:12 AM

Stafford may be 32 but he still is a good QB. Needs a good WR who can stay healthy. Several teams have a need for him.

Vince23 Sat 1/23/21 10:52 PM

Stafford to Washington

badamanks Sat 1/23/21 7:50 PM

stafford to patriots

fitzpatrick to lions

rodgers to colts

haskins to steelers

cam to packers

Jameis and Josh Allen compete for MVP

Terry4tw Sun 1/24/21 5:59 PM

Jameis won't be MVP of anything unless it stands for Most Valuable Pickthrower LOL

badamanks Sun 1/24/21 6:09 PM


Michakav Sat 1/23/21 7:17 PM

Steelers with Haskins backing up!

joegibbskins07 Sat 1/23/21 6:43 PM

Not that I want a 32 year old QB but The Redskins sure needs a QB.

How about a lions / texans trade?

Sorry Tua but Fins could use a real QB too.

Jacksonville is always needy.

I would say the Bears but the one kid they have had a good run is is really not all that bad. Not great but not bad.

Indy needs a QB not that Rivers retired. That would be an ideal landing spot.

New England but let's be honest, their window has closed and their offence is just not for everyone, especially an old school horse.

New Orleans..... TOP landing spot for sure!

ROMULUS Sat 1/23/21 7:00 PM

the colts would b a perfect fit

lag23 Sat 1/23/21 7:53 PM

I'd say Jacksonville is out of the running since they're a lock for Lawrence

Watson seems to be linked to the Dolphins since they have the need + draft capital to make the move, maybe a 3 team trade sends Stafford to Houston.

Indy/NO are clearly the choice landing spots here

RTTRUTH Sat 1/23/21 7:55 PM

On the surface Saints and Colts make most sense, if he wants to win. However, Saints cap situation might be bad enough to honestly prevent that.

Those teams make most sense for Stafford. But it’s the TEAM trading him. It’s in their interest to take the best offer. I’m guessing Bears are the most poorly run franchise in that group, A.K.A. likely the most willing to overpay in trade.

Interesting sidenote: Martin Mayhew was just hired to run the Football Team. And he was in charge when the Lions drafted Stafford.

MikeCuckler Sat 1/23/21 10:18 PM

Indy, San Fran, Washington in that order. If the Colts add Stafford, they become a real threat in the AFC. They were right there against Buffalo with Rivers and Stafford is a big upgrade.

MikeCuckler Sat 1/23/21 10:21 PM

Forgot to include Denver, they have the weapons in place to make that offense legit with Stafford.

ROMULUS Sun 1/24/21 1:45 AM

remember that he wants to start for a playoff team... as a saint hell b the 3rd string backup behind winston and t.hill... 49ers might make sense... colts have an offensive line and a running game that he would kill for.. and they got a good defense... they even got a decent kicker... this pitmann WR looks like a home run and t.hilton got better in december.. and the colts arent gonna draft a QB late in the 1rst rnd.... and as everyone knows hes not staying with the lions, its a buyers market... id say colts with perhaps a 2-3 rnd pick at most

joegibbskins07 Sun 1/24/21 12:26 PM

Zero chance JW and TH outplay MS in NO. Time in the system or not, that kind of talent and experience will make short work of a starting QB competition.

San Fran is an interesting play. They are locked in with a good, young QB but cant seem to shake the injury bug. But that GM and coach has no fear about making moves.

Denver is also interesting. That could bring back memories of PM's arrival. Do you think they are ready to give up on Lock so soon?

Redskins would be a great place for him to quietly fade away, lol.

I do like the Indy move as my top choice as well and the owner likes to make splash deals so lets see if he can pull one more off.

But hey, here comes JJ and the Cowboys. He loves picking up vets and my bet is he will screw up the Dak deal by questioning his ability to return to form.

ROMULUS Sun 1/24/21 5:02 PM

as a cowboy fan... no way... dak stays unless the boys move up to #1 draft pick... dalton stays... and WF is happy with a.smith (comeback player of the year?)... denver? is stafford better then the young Lock? not by much... rams? jags would kill for him but not alot of people wanna play for the jags.... the buccs to replace t.brady? if u assume t.brady will retire... and i think he wont just yet...... im still on board the colts train...