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Ex-Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum took full responsibility and confirmed that the Tim Tebow trade was his idea.

"It's just a trade that didn't work out," Tannenbaum said. "Ultimately that was my decision to trade for Tim. We thought there was a role for him. We thought it would give us a chance to make our offense more dynamic." Tannenbaum confirms that owner Woody Johnson was initially reluctant, but the trio, along with head coach Rex Ryan, pursued it and made the deal happen. Hopefully this puts the Tebow drama to bed. He's fully expected to be released by the Jets this offseason.


Pigskinpooper 5 years ago

Tannenbaum is a gutless wonder who should be immediately fired along with Ryan, and the moron Johnson put in a rocket and shot into another galaxy where football doesn't exist.

Talk about the three stooges. I can live with that, but lying, spinning, and allowing a dunce like Ryan to coach ought to be grounds for permanent and lifetime dismissal.