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Eric Decker hauled in 2-of-5 targets for 23 yards and a touchdown in the Broncos' Week 11 win over the Chargers.

Rotoworld readers asked repeatedly during the game whether Decker was "hurt," but Quentin Jammer simply had tight coverage on him. Decker pleased those same fantasy owners with a second-half touchdown, his eighth of the season. Trot him out as a borderline WR1 when the Broncos face the Chiefs in Week 12.


PharmaDep 5 years ago

decker or bryant

TouchdownBundy 5 years ago

4 catches the last two weeks. I think its time to start playing Cobb (which I shoulda done about a month ago).

stevooo 5 years ago

at least two of em where for TDs

TouchdownBundy 5 years ago

no just one. last week he had 2 catches and no TD's.

MusicmanRay 5 years ago

anyone peyton is throwing to always has a chance for a td. to not use him against the chiefs would be tragic. He may not always get a td, but this guy has been on my roster all year, and I also have Andre Johnson, and their are lots of times I wanted to sit him, good thing I did not. he had a monster week. But until this week, not much.

TouchdownBundy 5 years ago

Decker is good but he aint no Andre Johnson. Cobb has been spectacular the last month, Decker hasn't done anything the last two weeks. Yeah, he has a chance to catch a TD from Peyton but so do Thomas, Stokley, Dreesen and Tamme. Look just because your guy is playing a bad team it doesn't neccessarily bode well for WR's, its better for RB's. Denver probably gets up early in the game and then runs the rock. At least w/ GB you know they're gonna throw it cuz they can't run it very well and Cobb usually gets a few carries a game. I've been playing Decker cuz the first half of the season he was really good but the numbers have all been saying Cobb lately.

TouchdownBundy 5 years ago

you could also say anyone Rodgers is throwing to always has a chance for a TD. I'm taking a minor risk (Decker could have a big game) benching Decker for Cobb but I'm looking at the trend. Cobb is trending up and Decker down.

JimsBrowns 5 years ago

Ok, here's a question. I've got to choose between Decker and Denario Alexander. Alexander has put up great numbers the last two weeks. Am about to flip a coin. Any thoughts?

MusicmanRay 5 years ago

You have to look at this way, if I had to choose betwen those two this week I would go with alexander, manily because he is now Rivers main go to guy, and the match up is a good one. Not to discount decker, but he has to share more targets, I am starting both of them plus Andre Johnson, I dropped Mike williams to pick up alexander, this guy could be really good.