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Emerging from the Giants' Week 11 bye, Hakeem Nicks told reporters Monday that his knee and foot feel "as good as they have all season."

"I'm pretty close (to 100 percent)," Nicks said. "This is as close as I'm gonna be. If this is it, this is 100 percent." Nicks also called the rest time during the bye "beneficial." The Giants host the Packers next Sunday night. If Nicks' health cooperates, he can be a top-ten wideout down the stretch.


kkyang7133 5 years ago

Rookies and no names have out produce these expensive first rounders this season. With Nicks, Fitz and D Jackson on the bench for most of the season, the play-off is around the corner and I need my studs to start paying me back for drafting them.

LtAllen 5 years ago

I agree wholeheartedly.

alook 5 years ago

I'm starting Nicks and Cruz this week due to P Harvin likely being out. I hope NYG and GB go all NE on each other and both score 50+ pts.

G-R-I-M 5 years ago

Nicks was not a 1st rounder - I actually drafted him as upside in the 7th round due to the injuries coming into the season - but I've hung on to him all season just for this stretch run and the playoffs - The Giants are a much better team with both Nicks and Cruz and vs GB this week no doubt they'll have to throw to win . . .