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Doug Martin tore the cover off and exploded for 251 yards and four touchdowns on 25 carries, and chipped in four catches for 21 yards as the Buccaneers held off the Raiders 42-32 in Week 9.

It's official: He's graduated to RB1 status. LeGarrette Blount, whose fourth-quarter botched and ultimately fumbled exchange with Josh Freeman nearly cost the Raiders the game, finished with two carries for five yards. Despite the loss of LG Carl Nicks, Martin ran rampant on an Oakland defense that entered the game ranked 11th against the run and surrendered only 3.88 YPC. Martin averaged over ten yards a pop, including second-half scoring explosions of 45 yards, 67, and 70. Proving matchup proof with back-to-back monster games against the Vikings and Raiders, Martin will be a shoo-in top-ten running back play in Week 10 against the Chargers.


TurtleFence 5 years ago

next week, i have Jamal Charles, C.J Spiller, and Doug Martin i can start two which ones???

Easportz 5 years ago

Spiller n martin. Gailey has already.sd he will gv spiller more touches and the usage of Charles in KCs game plan is so erratic and inconsistent in Crennel's "I dont know" offense that the other two are the safer bet. Even before Gailey's statement he still put up viable fantasy numbers in Buffalo's RBBC. And Martin is a no brainer...

KenCut 5 years ago

Got him in the 4th rd in a 10 team draft and have started him every week.

Jaspertheghost 5 years ago

Same only 12 team league

TouchdownBundy 5 years ago

Same (as Jasper) except a 3rd round pick for me.

Pigskinpooper 5 years ago

Really wished last night he was on some of my rosters. Was even more grateful he played only one game against me. Fantasy owners are helpless when an explosion like that hits them.

Waldo27 5 years ago

Who the f u c k is Adrian Peterson and Arien Foster? I have Doug Martin ;)

lefties1 5 years ago

This guy brings in the bread. One of the best performances by an RB in the last few years in my opinion.

FilthPigs 5 years ago

My 6th round pick-I have played him every week but his one crappy week about a month or two ago. he was a beast at Boise State and he's a beast now.

I think Schiano is a good coach-I went to Rutgers and the man did great things. But he has done some idiotic things this year. His obssession with Blount is comical and we know how that's worked out. yet, at the end of this game with Martin gassed he allows him to LOSE 14 yards and destroy his #2 ranking all-time for his game. Put Blount in for those garbage carries or just kneel down for God's sake you moron! That really bothered me-it was an insult to Martin and any intelligent fan.

Anyway, I'm glad I have him and turned down an offer for Bradshaw for him after Bradshaw's 200 yard game-I wasn't giving up on martin and did not believe in Bradshaw. So glad!

TouchdownBundy 5 years ago

he wanted Martin to run wide to take an extra 3-4 seconds off the clock per play so he wouldn't have to punt at the end of the game and Martin, being a team player was willing to do it. Don't think records entered into either's mind. Just getting the W. I dont think Schiano gives a rats a** about records.

btw , do you think he was gonna trust Blount to do that after his fumble let Oak back in the game?

agree, Martins's a beast and agree Schiano has made some mistakes this year (Blount esp.) but now he's got it rolling.

BreakinBad 5 years ago

This past week I offered him straight-up for Dez Bryant. The guy didn't want to do the trade so I started him because Sproles was out :)

morkusyambo 5 years ago

Hah! I started Leshoure because Sproles was out

Jaspertheghost 5 years ago

Thnx DMart!

WookieOfTheYear 5 years ago

I have been disappointed with Megatron... so I traded him for Martin. Just too bad it doesn't go into effect until after this weeks games. :(

sleekviper 5 years ago

Groundhog Day...THE NIGHTMARE! Blowing a team out, and this knucklehead does this. UGH...Go to another league, and he is on their team also! Oh well, can't burn me with him next week. Course next week probably be on IR tripping over shoelaces leaving the game.

MattDaury 5 years ago

So glad i played him!!! I knew he was going to do big things

Thejellisman 5 years ago

Traded him for Heath Miller when my TE was on a bye... Damn it.

BreakinBad 5 years ago

What you smokin?

morkusyambo 5 years ago

That was a god-awfull trade before he went off this week.

Thejellisman 5 years ago

It was back in Week 4. Pretty nice trade then.

bmart 5 years ago

That's bad. I have a league for you to play in next year...

Thejellisman 5 years ago


jr2290 5 years ago

I traded brian hartline straight up for doug martin... best trade ever lol

Mwk84 5 years ago

Trent who?

Jrod1015 5 years ago

72 points in my league! I knew I shoulda traded for him at the beginning of the season!