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Dallas Clark had one catch for 19 yards in the Bucs' Week 14 loss to the Eagles.

Clark came crashing back to earth as he dropped a pass over the middle and was able to haul in just one of his five targets. With the Bucs' outside receivers having their way with Nnamdi Asomugha, there was little reason to feature Clark. He should have more upside as a TE2 against the Saints next week. He torched them for a 5/51/1 when these two teams met in Week 7.


Ransdells 5 years ago

Clark or V. Davis ?????? they both playing like toads

William83 5 years ago

5/51/1 is hardly a torching

G-R-I-M 5 years ago

yeah but when you consider what the avg TE is producing every week it's not bad . . .I agree tho - at least 2 TDs to be torching....LOL

djm180 5 years ago

Well, a crapload of yards would also be a torching... Like 100+ yards or 100+ yards and 1 TD.