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Cowboys signed QB Kyle Orton, formerly of the Chiefs, to a three-year contract.


AVCosmo 6 years ago

Why? To elaborate, I'm guessing he doesn't want to be a starting QB anymore and from the Cowboys side, What was wrong with Kitna? Hmmm...

wiseguy949 6 years ago


wiseguy949 6 years ago

an with romo he may take over lol

wiseguy949 6 years ago

either way he gets a shot an a check

you know romo will at some time give him that

injury's , bad playing , stay up to late chasing the girls

are playing golf

needs work on his game bad !!!

AVCosmo 6 years ago

Hey Rig...good point. I didn't know about Kitna. Yes, w/o Kitna, and Romo always getting hurt, I get it. TY