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Coach Ron Rivera insists no team made an offer or even asked what it would take to land Steve Smith in a trade ahead of Thursday's deadline.

The Panthers did get a text on Smith, but it was more along the likes of, "Is 89 available?" Rivera maintains the Panthers had "no serious conversations" with other teams about Smith or DeAngelo Williams. "All these rumors, especially the one with Steve Smith, was as far-fetched as it gets," said Rivera. "That one was crazy and unfair."


ChrisMcGrath 5 years ago

steve smith or randall cobb?

motrennat 5 years ago

With a 14 team group I play him every week he gives consistent numbers, I would like a touch down or two.

j-allen 5 years ago

if only he had a couple touchdowns he would come off my bench

ECoastThunder 5 years ago

who do you have that you would bench him in favor of

Smokin_Bowes 5 years ago

Julio Jones and Denarius Moore. I still sometimes play him at flex, but Newton has been playing like doo doo as far as getting him touchdowns.

j-allen 5 years ago

Randall cobb ..james jones..marques colston..i play steve on bye weeks cause thats all hes god for this ear

LiscenseToChill 5 years ago

As a panthers fan, It would be retarded to trade steve. He defined our franchise for years and is still putting up numbers.