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Coach Mike McCarthy expressed displeasure with James Starks' performance in the Week 11 win over the Lions.

Starks rushed 25 times for 74 yards, a meager 2.96 yards-per-carry average. "We left a lot of production on the field was my conclusion after going through the tape," McCarthy said. The coach went on to lament not using Alex Green more. The ex-starter had no touches. "Frankly, Alex Green not getting carries was a poor performance by myself managing how we were running the ball," McCarthy said. "We'll continue forward working both James and Alex." Owners should expect more of a committee approach against the Giants this week, leaving both backs as undesirable fantasy plays.


STERNZ 5 years ago

Starks did a decent job in that game. His average would have been better but there were a few negative yardage situations where the plays were blown up as the ball was delivered.

That said, Green has exceptional speed and hands and should be used on screens and shovel passes where he has a better chance of getting a bit of open field.They have instead inserted Cobb in those situations which

defenses are now very aware of.

redskins_fan77 5 years ago

does the coach know the lions have been very good against the run this year? and green hasnt done much better when he was the starter dont think he ever got over 50 yards even in full work loads. he better get some1 in gear if not it will be another early exit from the playoffs for the pack....

CellarDweller 5 years ago

Starks was fine. He fights hard for yardage. Not much of a fantasy player but he's better for the Packers than Green was. I'm not sure Adrian Peterson could play behind the Packers line.

redskins_fan77 5 years ago

yeah i agree