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Coach Dennis Allen said Sebastian Janikowski's sore groin was not the reason he passed on a 58-yard field-goal attempt in Week 6.

Allen apparently believes the first half of a 0-0 game is too early to unleash Janikowski's mammoth leg even though the game was in a dome. It's not a great sign for SeaBass' fantasy value. Through five games, he is just 2-of-2 from 50-plus yards after going 7-of-10 from that distance last season.


Impact 5 years ago

How many 58 yarders have you kicked lately? Hey, I went out and kicked a

couple 100 the other day in Vegas! But that has to stay in Vegas, right? Sea

Bass is still top 5 easy, Akers is good choice also, but that's because A. Smith

can't get enough TD's...lol T.H.

joeroads 5 years ago

Sea Bass was 5 for 5 on 50 yard field goals through 13 games last season. He went 3 for 3 against Houston in week 5. Through the first four games he was 2 for 2 just like this season. He is actually on a pace to be about 5 for 5 through 13 games again. So, to say this is not a great sign for Janikowski's fantasy value is absolutely stupid as usual. I have no idea why some people write such dumb sh*t sometimes. It's like they have to get fantasy owners all nervous and second guessing their players for no good reason. Sebastian Janikowski is just fine. And, he remains one of the best kickers in fantasy football. Whoever owns him should start him with confidence. And, please don't take dumb comments like this to heart.

Impact 5 years ago

Right On! Well said...lol T.H.

MayhemS 5 years ago

I agree, and it is well said, but as someone who has kept him in a keeper's league for the last 4 years there's something there that I can't put my finger on but I think a decline is coming if it's not already here, not to mention that the raiders as a whole are not helping his situation. I just don't see me using that roster spot to keep him at the end of this year ya know