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Cam Newton completed 16-of-29 passes for 252 yards with one touchdown and no interceptions in the Panthers' Week 11 overtime loss to the Bucs.

Newton added 11 carries for 40 yards. He once again struggled with accuracy early, missing receivers high and wide. But he got locked in as the game moved along, highlighted by a pretty 29-yard toss to Brandon LaFell in the fourth quarter. Still, expectations for Newton have been reduced drastically. He hasn't thrown three touchdowns in a game all year and lost a goal-line carry to Jonathan Stewart in this one. Newton gets the dumpster fire known as the Eagles in Week 12.


kentymac 5 years ago


warriors2185 5 years ago

Let's face it, Cam Newton sucks. He got lucky and had a great season last year but he's just no good. He will be an average-below average QB for the rest of his NFL days. Those who don't agree are just living in denial. If you want a "superman" pick up Andrew Luck. His best games this year are yet to come.

Snake_bitten 5 years ago

I wish I had played Cam over Matt Ryan this week. lol

Like the Falcons tho, I was lucky to have a great supporting cast to get me the win without my QB's help.

Riggs44R 5 years ago

and Ryan every single week over Cam, other than last week, as well as every single week going forward! I agree with Warriors2185

Paradoxex 5 years ago

Same sort of overzealous prognostication on Luck that Newton received last year...and Newton has yet to throw as many Ints in a game as Luck did this week.

No logic in committing the same mistake twice.

Riggs44R 5 years ago

wowwwwww, watch the game much??? Luck is a once every 10-15 year talent, Scam Newton is all hype.. see Vince Young, Vick and now Bob Griffin. Newton has never thrown as many passes and been that down to the Patriots on the road, like Luck was this week. Also, there was no overzealous prognostication on Newton last year!!! Even after winning the Heisman, no one was really expecting much! Not even the Panthers but he SURPRISED everyone those first 5 or 6 games, ever since then, he's been on the decline!

Paradoxex 5 years ago

And this is true because you say so, right? Luck had a bad game...and he's had several so far. You aren't a pro scout, otherwise you wouldn't be spouting your wisdom on a fantasy site. Let's just give Luck time before we claim he's the second coming of anything. And Cam has played a lot more good games than bad ones thus far in his career. So I'll choose not to trust your "judgment" on that too.

Riggs44R 5 years ago

LMAO!!! Luck did not have a bad game, in regards to Fantasy but Newton won a grand total of 6 games his first season and all of TWO this season, making him 8-18! Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa I'd say he's had more bad games than good so far and LIKE I SAID... he caught the league by surprise the first few weeks and has SUCKED ever since then! Hence THREE 300 yard games in his first 4 games and then not a single 300 yard game the rest of the season! Luck is winning while playing great! Get out of your hole and pay attention! You're just pissed that you drafted him with the 8th overall pick in your only league! REALLY??? and now you're starting Dalton over him! Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

pinkcracker89 5 years ago

You don't get "lucky" for an entire year. He is currently limited by coaching, playcalling, and the personnel built around him by the GM.

Andrew Luck also has an extraordinarily easy schedule. Browns, Jags, Titans, etc. When they play the big boys, like NE and CHI, they get smoked. They also lost to JAX and NYJ. Their best game was GB, who are underperforming this year.

Riggs44R 5 years ago

It was all hype anyway, the refs/the nfl, they want a guy like Scam to do well, that way the inner city utes won't go and play the bball. Helps sell tickets, they think the young wannabes think that a guy scrambling and running the ball instead of throwing it is exciting! How many games did he win last year? How many this year? Exactly! They play the schedule they're given. They should have had an easy schedule, they were 2-14!!!

Paradoxex 5 years ago

Pathetic....and not just your sentence structure. Cam is playing well, get over it. You'd be doing well to start him now. Too bad.

Riggs44R 5 years ago

LMFAO!!!!! I'm "doing well" regardless! It's just who/what I am!!! hahaaaaaaaaaaa scrub!

Riggs44R 5 years ago

nah, strike that...ROFLMFAO!!!! This coming from an idiot that drafted SCAM Newton 8th overall in a Dynasty League! Yo dude, you could have had him in the 3rd round! hahaaaaaaaaaaaa

nuts4bolts 5 years ago

sophmore superman?

Riggs44R 5 years ago

SophOmore slump*(that last's his entire career)

Khova 5 years ago

we pray

tmactown01 5 years ago

I seen what RG3 did today so expect atleast 2 Td's for Newton next week.