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Luck (calf) is expected to retire from football during a Sunday press conference, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

EDGE Analysis

Luck has tended to some major injuries the past few seasons, the most recent calf and high ankle issues that were threatening his status for Week 1. If he indeed opts for retirement, it would be the biggest such announcement since Barry Sanders in 1998.


RP65 Sat 8/24/19 9:50 PM

The dude can't play with a freaking stubbed toe. He's weak. Whatever. Feel for those that have him in Dynasty Leagues.

Jpass29 Sat 8/24/19 10:07 PM

He has a degree in architecture from Stanford. He will be just fine, football was his second passion or would I say hobby.

leadfeet01 Sat 8/24/19 9:49 PM

He must have one hell of a fallback plan to pass up that kind of money. Barry Sanders-like type of stunner. or maybe more like Calvin Johnson.

Champ_24 Sat 8/24/19 9:51 PM


JoshWaitkevich Sat 8/24/19 9:56 PM

Daddy im coming to the XFL!!!!