TE LAC (9)
5 years ago3 Comments

Antonio Gates caught three passes for 43 yards and a touchdown in Week 9 against the Chiefs.


SamBair 5 years ago

Yeah I'm gonna be starting him regularly the rest of the season. Just not many great TE options out there and Gates always has the potential to put up TDs.

John9williams 5 years ago

Yeah, I've pretty much decided to start him every week, because it seems like you get one good week then a bad week. Seemed like he was going to go off after 3 for 43 in the first half, oh well. 10 points for Gates is above average this year.

Skills 5 years ago

It's about time the curse of starting gates is lifted. First time all year I've caught him when he's done at least decent lol against Denver when he blew up, of course sat him for sucking.