QB CIN (6)
5 years ago

Andy Dalton completed 14-of-30 passes for 127 yards and an interception in the Bengals' 19-13 Wild Card Round loss to the Texans.

He was as bad as the stats suggest. Dalton played this game scared, afraid to pull the trigger and uncomfortable in the pocket. He finally started to find a fourth-quarter rhythm only to badly overshoot A.J. Green on a bomb attempt with Cincinnati down 19-13 and under four minutes left. Green had separation; it was just a bad -- and ultimately season-ending -- throw by Dalton. Dalton's final fantasy stats placed him 12th among quarterbacks, but he has never played well against top defenses and seems to be running into a brick wall in terms of development. Due to Dalton's talent limitations, we wouldn't expect him to make much if any of a 2013 leap.