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According to ESPN Dallas, Dez Bryant was open "numerous times" in Week 9 as the Falcons played off coverage.

Although Bryant was targeted just four times, beat writer Calvin Watkins believes the receiver "should have gotten more throws his way." We noticed early in the game that Tony Romo simply wasn't looking in Bryant's direction, perhaps an indication that he wasn't heavily involved in the game plan after missing practices. It's something to keep in mind if Bryant misses practice time going forward.


Fletchisawesome 5 years ago

that would probably be better for you than him. .. . his players, in my opinion, have more talent than yours (no offense) and antonio can still do great through an injury. . . he might do the trade though

TheOutlaws 5 years ago

I made this trade offer: Chris Johnson & Dez Bryant for LeSean McCoy & Antonio Brown.

I know Brown is injured and I have some worries with Philadelphia's decimated offensive line (although McCoy ran great against a horrible Saints run defense).

CJ has a pretty favorable schedule after the Titans week 11 bye. He and McCoy both have 62 total points. I doubt if the other owner would do it. With injuries to my RB's...I would probably feel a lot more comfortable starting McCoy as my RB1 over Johnson....Any thoughts or good or rude...lol????