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Andrew Bynum will have season-ending surgery on both of his knees according to multiple reports.

This could very well be the end of his chapter in Philly, and in all reality the rest of his career playing basketball should be a question mark. His knees have serious issues that don't exactly go away for men of his size, and according to many sources with knowledge of his mindset his commitment to the game itself just isn't there. We'll wish him the best of luck getting his mind and body right but we're not betting on either to happen.


OGDoggyDoc 5 years ago

What a waste of talent. At least the Lakers got one good year out of him.

CulverCityCosmo 5 years ago

Season-ending? What season? Did you see a season? I didn't see any season. The joke is on the 76'ers with Bynum probably done and the Lakers when Howard goes elsewhere. Wow!