5 years ago

Andrew Bynum (knees) confirmed that he's targeting a debut in February, but he did not sound very confident about his progress and stated that he still has issues with his left knee.

"February is the target, I guess," he said. Bynum previously said he planned to play around the All-Star break, but now the target date has changed to just sometime in February. However, the real interesting quote from Bynum is the following, "my doctor said it's just a fear of a big bone bruise, so I have to nurse it all the back up to playable conditions without pain or a setback." Bynum is progressing, but he's taking baby steps and there is no guarantee he won't have another setback along the way. Furthermore, Bynum said his latest round of Synvisc injections "didn't really help that much," adding that his left knee is still the problematic one. Bynum remains out indefinitely.