Athletics021001000 482
Rangers010010201 590
Final D. Straily 19, J. Nathan 12, A. Beltre 11
TeamTimeOutsDescriptionScoreMax Pts
TEXBot 90Elvis Andrus Out Josh Donaldson, Cliff Pennington, Ian Kinsler to 2nd, Craig Gentry to 3rd, pitcher Tyson Ross4-41
TEXBot 10Elvis Andrus Strikeout, pitcher Dan Straily0-02
TEXBot 22Elvis Andrus Strikeout, pitcher Dan Straily2-12
TEXBot 50Elvis Andrus Out Stephen Drew, Chris Carter, pitcher Dan Straily3-11
TEXBot 71Elvis Andrus Out Daric Barton, pitcher Dan Straily4-21
TEXBot 72Adrian Beltre 2-Run Home Run, Josh Hamilton scores, pitcher Pat Neshek4-48
TEXBot 91Adrian Beltre 1-Run Single, Josh Hamilton to 2nd, Ian Kinsler to 3rd, Craig Gentry scores, pitcher Tyson Ross4-52
TEXBot 12Adrian Beltre Strikeout, pitcher Dan Straily0-02
TEXBot 31Adrian Beltre Out Yoenis Cespedes, pitcher Dan Straily3-11
TEXBot 51Adrian Beltre Double, pitcher Dan Straily3-22
OAKTop 12Chris Carter Out Adrian Beltre, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Derek Holland0-01
OAKTop 32Chris Carter Single, pitcher Derek Holland3-11
OAKTop 52Chris Carter Strikeout, pitcher Roy Oswalt3-12
OAKTop 72Chris Carter Strikeout, pitcher Koji Uehara4-22
OAKTop 11Yoenis Cespedes Out Adrian Beltre, Mitch Moreland, Stephen Drew to 2nd, pitcher Derek Holland0-01
OAKTop 32Yoenis Cespedes 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Derek Holland3-17
OAKTop 51Yoenis Cespedes Out Mitch Moreland, Roy Oswalt, pitcher Roy Oswalt3-11
OAKTop 71Yoenis Cespedes Out David Murphy, pitcher Koji Uehara4-21
TEXBot 72Nelson Cruz Out Yoenis Cespedes, pitcher Pat Neshek4-41
TEXBot 20Nelson Cruz Out Josh Reddick, pitcher Dan Straily2-01
TEXBot 32Nelson Cruz Out Cliff Pennington, pitcher Dan Straily3-11
TEXBot 52Nelson Cruz Double, pitcher Dan Straily3-22
OAKTop 81Josh Donaldson Out Elvis Andrus, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Mike Adams4-41
OAKTop 20Josh Donaldson 2-Run Home Run, Brandon Moss scores, pitcher Derek Holland2-08
OAKTop 32Josh Donaldson Out Adrian Beltre, pitcher Derek Holland3-11
OAKTop 60Josh Donaldson Out Adrian Beltre, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Robbie Ross Jr.3-21
OAKTop 10Stephen Drew Single, pitcher Derek Holland0-01
OAKTop 30Stephen Drew Out Josh Hamilton, pitcher Derek Holland2-11
OAKTop 91Stephen Drew Walk, pitcher Joe Nathan4-41
OAKTop 42Stephen Drew Out Ian Kinsler, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Roy Oswalt3-11
OAKTop 62Robbie Ross Jr. Balk, Cliff Pennington to 2nd, Derek Norris to 3rd Stephen Drew4-2
OAKTop 62Stephen Drew Out Ian Kinsler, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Robbie Ross Jr.4-21
OAKTop 10Jonny Gomes Strikeout, pitcher Derek Holland0-02
OAKTop 31Jonny Gomes Strikeout, pitcher Derek Holland2-12
OAKTop 50Jonny Gomes Strikeout, pitcher Roy Oswalt3-12
TEXBot 72Josh Hamilton Walk, pitcher Jerry Blevins4-21
TEXBot 91Josh Hamilton Walk, pitcher Tyson Ross4-41
TEXBot 11Josh Hamilton Out Stephen Drew, Chris Carter, Ian Kinsler to 2nd, pitcher Dan Straily0-01
TEXBot 30Josh Hamilton Strikeout, pitcher Dan Straily3-12
TEXBot 51Josh Hamilton 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Dan Straily3-27
TEXBot 90Ian Kinsler Single, Craig Gentry to 2nd, pitcher Tyson Ross4-41
TEXBot 10Ian Kinsler Single, pitcher Dan Straily0-01
TEXBot 22Ian Kinsler Walk, Mitch Moreland to 2nd, pitcher Dan Straily2-11
TEXBot 42Ian Kinsler Strikeout, pitcher Dan Straily3-12
TEXBot 70Ian Kinsler Out Josh Donaldson, Daric Barton, pitcher Dan Straily4-21
TEXBot 90Mitch Moreland Single, pitcher Tyson Ross4-41
TEXBot 22Mitch Moreland 1-Run Single, David Murphy to 3rd, Michael Young scores, pitcher Dan Straily2-12
TEXBot 62Mitch Moreland Out Cliff Pennington, Chris Carter, pitcher Dan Straily4-21
OAKTop 80Brandon Moss Strikeout, pitcher Mike Adams4-42
OAKTop 20Brandon Moss Walk, pitcher Derek Holland0-01
OAKTop 32Brandon Moss Walk, Chris Carter to 2nd, pitcher Derek Holland3-11
OAKTop 60Brandon Moss Double, pitcher Robbie Ross Jr.3-22
TEXBot 81David Murphy Out Cliff Pennington, Daric Barton, pitcher Ryan Cook4-41
TEXBot 40David Murphy Strikeout, pitcher Dan Straily3-12
TEXBot 60David Murphy Out Chris Carter, pitcher Dan Straily4-21
TEXBot 82Mike Napoli Out Daric Barton, pitcher Ryan Cook4-41
TEXBot 21Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Dan Straily2-02
TEXBot 41Mike Napoli Strikeout, pitcher Dan Straily3-12
TEXBot 61Mike Napoli Out Cliff Pennington, pitcher Dan Straily4-21
OAKTop 82Derek Norris Out David Murphy, pitcher Mike Adams4-41
OAKTop 21Derek Norris Strikeout, pitcher Derek Holland2-02
OAKTop 41Derek Norris Out Ian Kinsler, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Roy Oswalt3-11
OAKTop 62Derek Norris Single, Brandon Moss to 3rd, pitcher Robbie Ross Jr.3-21
OAKTop 22Cliff Pennington Strikeout, pitcher Derek Holland2-02
OAKTop 90Cliff Pennington Strikeout, pitcher Joe Nathan4-42
OAKTop 42Cliff Pennington Double, pitcher Roy Oswalt3-12
OAKTop 62Cliff Pennington 1-Run Single, Derek Norris to 2nd, Brandon Moss scores, pitcher Robbie Ross Jr.4-22
OAKTop 82Josh Reddick Walk, pitcher Mike Adams4-41
OAKTop 20Josh Reddick Out Adrian Beltre, Mitch Moreland, pitcher Derek Holland2-01
OAKTop 40Josh Reddick Out Josh Hamilton, pitcher Roy Oswalt3-11
OAKTop 61Josh Reddick Out Elvis Andrus, pitcher Robbie Ross Jr.3-21
OAKTop 91Seth Smith Out Mike Napoli, Elvis Andrus, Joe Nathan, pitcher Joe Nathan4-41
OAKTop 70Seth Smith Strikeout, pitcher Koji Uehara4-22
TEXBot 51Time Picked Off Dan Straily, Derek Norris3-21
TEXBot 80Michael Young Strikeout, pitcher Ryan Cook4-42
TEXBot 21Michael Young Hit By Pitch, pitcher Dan Straily2-0
TEXBot 40Michael Young Walk, pitcher Dan Straily3-11
TEXBot 52Michael Young Out Derek Norris, pitcher Dan Straily3-21