Yankees010120200 680
Angels201200000 5101
Final C. Wade 11, R. Cano 9, H. Kendrick 9


TeamTimeOutsDescriptionScoreMax Pts
LAABot 91Howie Kendrick Out Robinson Cano, Mark Teixeira, pitcher Mariano Rivera6-41
LAABot 91Erick Aybar Single, pitcher Mariano Rivera6-41
LAABot 90Russell Branyan Out Austin Romine, pitcher Mariano Rivera6-41
NYYTop 92Robinson Cano Strikeout, pitcher Hisanori Takahashi6-42
NYYTop 92Mark Teixeira Walk, pitcher Hisanori Takahashi6-41
NYYTop 91Curtis Granderson Out Torii Hunter, pitcher Hisanori Takahashi6-41
NYYTop 90Derek Jeter Out Erick Aybar, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Hisanori Takahashi6-41


LAABot 82Mike Trout Strikeout, pitcher David Robertson6-42
LAABot 81Peter Bourjos Out Mark Teixeira, Rafael Soriano, David Robertson, pitcher David Robertson6-41
LAABot 80Alberto Callaspo Out Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, pitcher David Robertson6-41
NYYTop 82Brett Gardner Out Torii Hunter, pitcher Bobby Cassevah6-41
NYYTop 81Eduardo Nunez Out Alberto Callaspo, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Bobby Cassevah6-41
NYYTop 80Andruw Jones Out Alberto Callaspo, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Bobby Cassevah6-41


LAABot 72Mark Trumbo Out Mark Teixeira, pitcher Rafael Soriano6-41
LAABot 71Bobby Abreu Single, Howie Kendrick to 3rd, pitcher Rafael Soriano6-41
LAABot 71Howie Kendrick Single, pitcher Rafael Soriano6-41
LAABot 70Erick Aybar Out Eric Chavez, Mark Teixeira, pitcher Rafael Soriano6-41
NYYTop 72Eric Chavez Strikeout, pitcher Scott Downs6-42
NYYTop 72Jesus Montero Walk, pitcher Scott Downs6-41
NYYTop 71Robinson Cano Out Howie Kendrick, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Scott Downs6-41
NYYTop 71Mark Teixeira 2-Run Triple, Derek Jeter scores, Brett Gardner scores, pitcher Scott Downs6-45
NYYTop 70Curtis Granderson Strikeout, pitcher Scott Downs4-42
NYYTop 70Derek Jeter Single, Brett Gardner to 3rd, pitcher Ervin Santana4-41
NYYTop 70Brett Gardner Single, pitcher Ervin Santana4-41


LAABot 62Bobby Wilson Out Eduardo Nunez, pitcher Cory Wade4-41
LAABot 61Mike Trout Out Cory Wade, Mark Teixeira, pitcher Cory Wade4-41
LAABot 60Peter Bourjos Out Mark Teixeira, pitcher Cory Wade4-41
NYYTop 61Eduardo Nunez Out Ervin Santana, Erick Aybar, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Ervin Santana4-41
NYYTop 61Andruw Jones Walk, pitcher Ervin Santana4-41
NYYTop 60Eric Chavez Out Mike Trout, pitcher Ervin Santana4-41


LAABot 52Alberto Callaspo Out Eduardo Nunez, Mark Teixeira, pitcher Freddy Garcia4-41
LAABot 51Mark Trumbo Out Eduardo Nunez, pitcher Freddy Garcia4-41
LAABot 51Torii Hunter Walk, pitcher Freddy Garcia4-41
LAABot 51Bobby Abreu Stolen Base4-42
LAABot 51Bobby Abreu Walk, pitcher Freddy Garcia4-41
LAABot 50Howie Kendrick Out Curtis Granderson, Erick Aybar to 3rd, pitcher Freddy Garcia4-41
LAABot 50Erick Aybar Stolen Base4-42
LAABot 50Erick Aybar Single, pitcher Freddy Garcia4-41
NYYTop 52Jesus Montero Strikeout, pitcher Ervin Santana4-42
NYYTop 51Robinson Cano Out Peter Bourjos, pitcher Ervin Santana4-41
NYYTop 50Mark Teixeira Strikeout, pitcher Ervin Santana4-42
NYYTop 50Curtis Granderson 2-Run Home Run, Derek Jeter scores, pitcher Ervin Santana4-48
NYYTop 50Derek Jeter Single, pitcher Ervin Santana2-41


LAABot 42Bobby Wilson Out Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, pitcher Freddy Garcia2-41
LAABot 41Mike Trout Out Eric Chavez, pitcher Freddy Garcia2-41
LAABot 41Peter Bourjos 2-Run Home Run, Alberto Callaspo scores, pitcher Freddy Garcia2-48
LAABot 41Alberto Callaspo Walk, pitcher Freddy Garcia2-21
LAABot 40Mark Trumbo Out Freddy Garcia, Mark Teixeira, pitcher Freddy Garcia2-21
NYYTop 42Brett Gardner Out Peter Bourjos, pitcher Ervin Santana2-21
NYYTop 42Eduardo Nunez Walk, Andruw Jones to 2nd, Eric Chavez to 3rd, pitcher Ervin Santana2-21
NYYTop 42Andruw Jones Walk, pitcher Ervin Santana2-21
NYYTop 42Eric Chavez Double, pitcher Ervin Santana2-22
NYYTop 41Jesus Montero Strikeout, pitcher Ervin Santana2-22
NYYTop 41Robinson Cano 1-Run Home Run, pitcher Ervin Santana2-27
NYYTop 40Mark Teixeira Strikeout, pitcher Ervin Santana1-22


LAABot 32Torii Hunter Out Eric Chavez, Mark Teixeira, pitcher Freddy Garcia1-21
LAABot 31Bobby Abreu Strikeout, pitcher Freddy Garcia1-22
LAABot 30Howie Kendrick Out Freddy Garcia, Mark Teixeira, Erick Aybar to 2nd, Bobby Wilson to 3rd, pitcher Freddy Garcia1-21
LAABot 30Erick Aybar Single, Bobby Wilson to 2nd, pitcher Freddy Garcia1-21
LAABot 30Bobby Wilson Single, pitcher Freddy Garcia1-21
NYYTop 32Curtis Granderson Out Howie Kendrick, Mark Trumbo, pitcher Ervin Santana1-21
NYYTop 31Derek Jeter Out Howie Kendrick, pitcher Ervin Santana1-21
NYYTop 30Brett Gardner Time Caught Stealing1-2
NYYTop 30Brett Gardner Walk, pitcher Ervin Santana1-21


LAABot 22Alberto Callaspo Time Caught Stealing1-2
LAABot 21Mike Trout Strikeout, pitcher Freddy Garcia1-22
LAABot 20Peter Bourjos Out Curtis Granderson, pitcher Freddy Garcia1-21
LAABot 20Alberto Callaspo Single, pitcher Freddy Garcia1-21
NYYTop 22Eduardo Nunez Out Alberto Callaspo, Howie Kendrick, pitcher Ervin Santana1-21
NYYTop 21Andruw Jones Strikeout, pitcher Ervin Santana1-22
NYYTop 21Eric Chavez 1-Run Single, Robinson Cano scores, pitcher Ervin Santana1-22
NYYTop 20Jesus Montero Strikeout, pitcher Ervin Santana0-22
NYYTop 20Robinson Cano Single, pitcher Ervin Santana0-21


LAABot 12Mark Trumbo Strikeout, pitcher Freddy Garcia0-22
LAABot 11Torii Hunter Out Curtis Granderson, pitcher Freddy Garcia0-21
LAABot 10Bobby Abreu Out Derek Jeter, pitcher Freddy Garcia0-21
LAABot 10Howie Kendrick 2-Run Home Run, Erick Aybar scores, pitcher Freddy Garcia0-28
LAABot 10Erick Aybar Single, pitcher Freddy Garcia0-01
NYYTop 12Mark Teixeira Strikeout, pitcher Ervin Santana0-02
NYYTop 11Curtis Granderson Out Mark Trumbo, pitcher Ervin Santana0-01
NYYTop 10Derek Jeter Strikeout, pitcher Ervin Santana0-02