5 years ago

The Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo reports that Derek Lowe has heard from five teams, "all of which want him to be a swingman."

Lowe has turned down the offers, though, as the 39-year-old wants to be guaranteed a spot in a rotation despite posting a 5.11 ERA and 1.62 WHIP in 142 2/3 innings this past season. "I've heard the same thing from everyone," Lowe said. "I want to be a starter and feel I have a lot left in being a regular starter in a rotation and making my 30-plus starts. I can still do that. It's frustrating to see other starters who have come off injuries get a shot, and I've never been hurt and can still help a team. I'm sure things will get going for me in January. I want to pitch. I'm nowhere near ready to retire."