Adam LaRoche (1B, WAS) - Waiver Wire Pickups Tue 7/8/14 5:14 PM

This article references Adam LaRoche and more! BALLER MOVE: Add Immediately in All LeaguesANALYSIS: Since 2008, Adam LaRoche has 25 or more homers in every year except 2011 - and he was hurt that year. So what is LaRoche doing being owned in only 66 % of Yahoo-leagues? That is just craziness, and he could even be labeled right now as one of those post-hype sleepers who isn't getting nearly enough love in the fantasy baseball community. I know he comes with the stigma of striking out a ton, but even that is not the case this year. LaRoche[...] Keep on reading: Adam LaRoche (1B, WAS) -- Waiver Wire Pickups