Week 12 BAL@PIT

November 28, 2020

The week 12 Ravens-Steelers game is scheduled for Wednesday at 3:40 PM ET: here's what that means for your fantasy leagues:

  • Week 12 will be extended through Wednesday night.
  • Stats for BAL@PIT will count for week 12 fantasy matchups.
  • Fantasy standings will not be updated until early Thursday morning.
  • If your league normally processes waivers on Wednesdays only, waivers will be processed Thursday instead. Otherwise, no change will be made (but commissioners can edit settings).
  • Leagues with a week 12 trading deadline will have an extra two days to accept trades.

Commissioners that wish to change waiver settings just for this week can do so by changing the processing days: League » Settings » Edit Waiver Wire Rules » Process Game-Start Waivers On. (You can give your league extra time to submit claims by running waivers Friday or Saturday. You can edit this setting at any time.)