Transaction limits can help keep a league competitive.

What are transaction limits?

Transaction limits can be imposed on each week, the whole season, or both.

What is the one-per-day weekly limit?

If selected, owners will not be permitted to make more than 7 transactions per week.

When do transaction limits take effect?

Transaction limits start when the fantasy season starts. So if you make moves in the offseason (i.e., before Week 1), they will not count. You can see the exact dates of your league's season by going to Team » Schedule.

What moves count against my transaction limit?

The only roster moves that count against transaction limits are Adds and Claims. Anything else will not count. So if you cut a player, trade for a player, or if the commish imports a player, it will not count against your transaction limit.

Can I reset the transaction limits?

We don't offer a mechanism currently to reset the transaction counter. As a workaround, you could offer owners bonus transactions by using League » Settings » Edit Rosters to perform their next couple of moves. For example, if they are owed two transactions, you could make their next two roster additions via Edit Rosters which won't cost them a transaction like it would if they did it themselves.