Trade players, future draft picks, or both.

How can I shop a player (or put him "on the block")?

Go to the Trades » Trading Block section of your league. Players that are on the block will also have a purple "for sale" tag next to their name.

What if a team receives more players in a trade than it gives up?

Any team that receives more players than it gives up must drop players to keep the transaction balanced. These players will not be dropped immediately. They are only dropped if and when the trade is actually executed. Teams that give up more players than they receive can later add free agents to fill out their roster.

How many teams can be involved in a trade?

Fleaflicker allows blockbuster trades of 3-or-more-teams, with no limits. From the top navbar you can go to Trades » Propose a new trade and then select as many teams as you'd like to include.

Why wasn't my trade processed?

A trade will not be processed if it leaves any of the participants over the maximum roster size or over any position maximums.

Why is it taking longer than expected for my trade to process?

The processing window happens every 4 hours, so depending on the time your trade entered the review process, it could be up to 4 hours past the 24/48 hour marker.

Can I change the players being cut in a trade after it is accepted?

After a trade is approved by all parties it may not be edited. So any players to be cut in the trade will be cut when the trade executes.

Can I trade draft picks?

In keeper leagues, you can trade draft picks up to three years in advance. Go to Trades » Propose a new trade » Select Team » Add a draft pick.

Where can I see my future draft picks?

You can see a list of all future picks, including traded picks, by going to Team » Picks.

Why are there so many picks available for trade in my keeper league?

Fleaflicker doesn't enforce a minimum number of keepers. Owners fill out their remaining roster spots through the draft. For example, if a league allows up to 10 keepers with a total roster size of 15, owners that keep 10 players will only have 5 selections in the draft. Owners that don't keep any players will have 15 selections in the draft.

What happens when I propose a trade?

After you propose a trade, the other owners involved will be notified. The trade will stay open until the other party or parties' action on it, so be sure to check your open trades under My Trades. An open trade can be accepted and processed any time after it is proposed.

What happens if my trade is rejected?

If any owner rejects the trade, the trade is closed. If this happens, you can search for the trade under My Trades and make a counteroffer by clicking Counter.

What happens if my trade is accepted?

If all parties accept the trade, the trade is made visible to the rest of the league. League members then have a chance to veto the trade. A veto is a vote that blocks a trade. If the trade is not vetoed during the 24-hour review period (or 48-hour review period depending on your league rules), it will automatically be processed.

How many vetoes does it take to block a trade?

Other than the members involved in the trade, half of the remaining league members must veto the trade for it to be canceled. This number is not configurable as of now, but the commish can disable vetoes completely from League » Settings » Edit Transaction Rules.

Can the commissioner execute and cancel a trade during the veto period?

Yes. Commissioners have the option to Commish Execute (bypassing the review period and executing the trade immediately) or Commish Cancel a trade.

Can I disable the trade review period?

Not at this time. The commissioner can execute the trades after they're accepted.

Can the commissioner make trades on behalf of other owners?

No, there's no way for the commissioner to setup a trade between other teams.

Can a commish reverse traded players and traded draft picks?

Commissioners can use League » Settings » Edit Rosters to remove players from teams where they were traded and then add them back to the original teams. As far as reversing traded draft picks, there isn't a mechanism for that currently, so the owners can spin up a new trade to reverse just the picks, or the commish can adjust the draft order to undo the traded pick when the new season activates.

Can I add a player to a watch list?

Yes, if you don't want to pick the player up now, or if you want to just keep track of a player, you can add them to your watch list. Click on Team » Watched to view your list. You can add players by clicking on the star icon to the left of where they appear. You can remove players by clicking the red X next to their name on the Watched page at any time.

When is the trading deadline?

Leagues may specify a trading deadline after which no new trades will be processed. For example, if the deadline is Week 11, you may propose a trade and have it accepted any time before the end of Week 11 (i.e., before the start of Week 12). The league week officially ends at 6 AM ET, so both parties must agree on the trade before 6 AM ET on the trade deadline day or the end of the week. In football, the week ends on Tuesdays so make sure trades are accepted before the end of Monday Night Football.

What happens to players that are traded in the middle of a week?

Players lock into your roster depending on your league's lineup locking rules.

Can I set a trade offer to expire?

Yes, owners proposing trades can now select an expiration timeframe. On the initial 'Assemble Trade' screen, a dropdown feature includes the following options: Offer Never Expires (default), Offer Expires in 1 Hour, End of Day, 24 Hours, 2 Days, 7 Days and 14 Days.