regnal421 4 years ago

Why keep the vetos secret. I have a league that veto trades like the world is coming to end.

If all the teams would be able to know who veto, it would reduce the amount of vetos to hold everyone accountable. This would also reduce the vetos and all of sudden you get a bunch of trade offers for the guy.

Unless there is a good reason to hide the vetos? should be simple to change, i think/hope too.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

It is a trade off. We can see if we can implement this down the line with a change of how many vetoes it takes to nix a trade and make them specific commish options. We'll talk about it at our next meeting, but for now the secrecy is in place because most owners like to keep their veto private (even though the team making the trade usually always wants to see it).

The good reason is that usually cause more chaos in leagues to show who vetoes than not to (kind of like a secret ballot).

regnal421 4 years ago

The teams should stand by there veto and not hide from it. I think it would them more accountable. But commish option would be key since the commish could select this option. I think you would find more leagues would select yes.

TheMastermind 4 years ago

True because I am having problems in the league that I am in where they wont let me trade with another player because he hates Doug Martin and they think he is "fantasy gold" and think the players I wanted to trade for was a lopsided trade. My predictions have been spot on except with one of the guys I wanted to trade. They are blocking it using the excuse of collusion, when in fact when he placed him on the trading block just to see what he would be offered, the same guy who gets his buddies to veto offered him prospects that was way less. The veto thing needs to be open to see the collusion in these leagues. Also another option when you ask help from the Commissioner and you get no response.

pgmiller21 4 weeks ago

Has there been any update on adding this feature? I agree with the sentiment that the commissioner should be able to see who vetos/approves trade votes. This is important because the commissioner needs the ability to evaluate why someone may veto a trade, which can be as corrupt as a potential unfair trade. I agree that it could be chaotic to let the whole league see who vetoes, but the commish definitely needs this insight.

afdynasty 3 weeks ago

I agree that it's probably best if the commish could see it. There are too many unscrupulous owners who veto trades just to disrupt the league.