Lluhsers 5 years ago

It looks like any discussion on this topic is outdated even though it was stated several years ago this is something Fleaflicker was going to add. What is the status of having standings be determined by victory points being an option?

We are doing it manually, but this is a feature on many other sites and since it is what our leagues use to determine standings it becomes tiresome when many other sites do this.

Another thing that was brought up to me from league was a tie breaker option being "all play" record. There are limitations to the tie breaker systems as we are locked into 5 tie breakers and can only change the order of how they are used. Would like to see other options and we could select which ones we want used and what order to use them.


Lluhsers 5 years ago

Never received email responses.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Thanks for the suggestions.

I believe the team responded to you through e-mail, but the victory points would fall in the doubleheaders category that is on our future agenda.

The tiebreaker question was responded to in detail through email by our staff.

Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you. We have made many and are working on a lot of enhancements for the site. Hope we can further help.

vollies 5 years ago

I'm looking at converting one of my leagues over to this site... but this is the one feature holding us back from doing so.

If you can have a customizable VP system, I would be over in a heartbeat as the site looks really good so far.