msondak 1 decade ago

hey guys... great site..

A quick idea would be to have a list of undroppable players. Whether it be 1, 2, as many as a team would like, I'm not sure the number.

But I it would allow for any slips with the waiver wire, etc.

Is that something that people agree with, or doable from a coding side?


fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

Hey Mike,

Definitely. We'll add this feature for next year, with options for making it easy to manage.

You'll be able to specify your list manually or just restrict it to the top 5 (or top 10, 15, ..., n) players at their positions.

For example, you can make the top 5 players at their positions undroppable so any QB ranked in the top 5 would be undroppable. This further prevents cheating/collusion among owners.