DFerry 5 years ago

In the league I ran last year on Yahoo, we allowed 2 transactions per week off the waiver wire. This year as I was looking over how you can do things on fleaflicker I noticed you have an option for unlimited or 7 per week. I think it would be beneficial if each commissioner could choose the limit on a per week or per season basis.

InSpades 5 years ago

At first I agreed with you but this is what I did:

I allow my league 2 FA pick-ups per week and to do that you set it to 7-per week and season limits. So, if there are 25 weeks (for instance) in a season I would allow a total of 50 pick-ups. If they want to do 7 in a week, that's great but they'll soon run out.

ALSO, the biggest problem is people packing their line-up for the last two days of the season (the fantasy finals) to maximize points. So, set the deadline to two days prior to the last day of the season so you can't pick up free agents to last two days.

I think this should solve you problem.

[Deleted User] 5 years ago

I was just thinking this same thing. Commish's should be able to set like 1-10 moves per week rather than just 7.

dxing 5 years ago

Agree, one person in our league consistently adds/drops just to get more games in overall so he can get an advantage.