CPiro 1 decade ago

is pretty big as in width size, there is no way to make it smaller so you can actually view more of the page at once without having to move from left to right

fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

Hi Chris,

It does vary from monitor to monitor.

I will say the site is best viewed on a larger resolution.

The site will also work with smaller sizes, but it may not fit everything on one screen.

In our testing we found that most users have a screen large enough to fit everything.

Pommer 1 decade ago

I think its your res. Mine is set at 1280x 1024 on a 17 inch screen and everything fits perfectly. When I put mine on a 800x600 res. and the site is pretty big, so you might want to try a higher resolution.


msondak 1 decade ago

it may be the resolution of your computer . . . that your screen is set to be "smaller" than others...

basanez 1 decade ago

ive never had that problem