Pommer 1 decade ago

Thanks to everyone at Flea Flicker!! Your site is great, its very clean and the interface is easy to use. My league came over here after we got screwed like a lot of other people at ESPN, wish I knew about you guys from day one. Keep up the great work!


[Deleted User] 1 decade ago

I agree, this is by far and away the best site that I have been involved with.

BuchD 1 decade ago

(Fleaflicker's draft system, that is)

BuchD 1 decade ago

Yeah, FOX sucked too. Slowest site ever. My league loved the draft system.

fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

Thanks for the compliments!

Business Week online is running a "Best of the Web" poll.

Please vote for Fleaflicker as the best online gaming site:


Thanks again.

Yambag 1 decade ago

me too...i love this site

akljdfa 1 decade ago

I second that....this site is awesome.