truthcipher 5 years ago

TFL is a category that is kept by the NFL so I would think it would be easy to synch your scoring to it?

Anyways, it would be great for my leagues as we have IDP with 2 LBs 2 DLs and 2DBs.

Right now the DL is significantly undervalued compared to the other positions, adding TFL would be a welcomed upgrade. Thoughts??

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Looking into adding TFLs for next year.

truthcipher 5 years ago

Perfect - Thanks.

Randy-L 5 years ago

I wanted to do this for my league but found that I couldn't-good idea here!!!

truthcipher 5 years ago

Thanks Randy. Over the past 7 years I have given a lot of ideas to fleaflicker. That is what I like best about this sight and missed the most when AOL took over. You always get a response and if the idea is good they usually adopt it.

I actually got sent a t-shirt a few years back. Im waiting for my stock options ;)

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

We're always here to address and help you guys!

FleaMod Admin 3 years ago

TFLs are now here - thanks!

truthcipher 3 years ago

You guys and your response to add these idiosyncrasies is fantastic. You guys are the best!!!!!

This is one of many suggestions I have made and a few years back you had rewarded me with a T-shirt. I have lost the shirt, any chance I can get another one ??? Thanks, Mat