mhansen 5 years ago

I have been a very satisfied user of Fleaflicker for the past 7 seasons or so. Keep up the good work. I have a couple of suggestions for improvements within the league.

1) Allow the Commish to process pick-ups and trades so they show on the Front Office Tab (player specific). The only way I know of doing this is to edit rosters, but then it only shows that I edited a roster and not specifically what was done. Also, there is no way for the commish to process a trade manually as well.

2) Add different tie-breakers for divisional standings and for wildcard standings. Don't always use the same for both.

3) Allow uneven divisions. I.E.- 14 teams. two divisions of 5, one of 4 instead of two with 7.

Just a couple suggestions. Thanks!

fleafounder Admin 4 years ago

1. This isn't supported but the full list of roster edits made by the commish can be seen in the league transaction log (league -> activity -> transaction log).

2. This isn't supported, our playoff rules and tiebreakers match the NFL's rules as closely as possible.

3. This is actually supported--create a league of 18 teams with 3 divisions, but don't fill it up all the way (just draft after 14 owners join).

mhansen 4 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion on item 3. Just a couple of questions. How will the schedule be generated if all of the teams are not full? Will it do it automatically and exclude those unfilled teams or will I have to do it randomly? Also, will I be unable to input the draft order on the site. It is saying that I cannot perform the draft order until the league has been filled.

fleafounder Admin 4 years ago

The schedule will generate automatically but it won't have the same inter- and intra-divisional balance that full leagues have. You can edit it manually though.

You're also correct that you can't edit the draft order if your league isn't full.

mhansen 4 years ago

We currently have fourteen slots out of the 18 filled (which is how we want it), but it says that the schedule will be generated only when the league is filled? I also went to edit regular season schedule and it says that I cannot select custom until all spots are filled?

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

If you want, you can create four dummy teams at Settings>>Create a Team. Fill the four teams, edit the draft order, then delete the four teams.

mhansen 4 years ago

So, I created four dummy teams as you suggested. It created the draft order and created the schedule. I deleted the four teams and now the schedules disappeared? I went to edit regular season schedule>>custom and it said that it cannot be done until the league is full. I don't want this to be an issue for starting the season, so I am trying to figure this out now. Thanks.

mhansen 4 years ago

Are any of these suggestions possible or already available?

mhansen 4 years ago

any luck on my recent question?