an_old_dude 4 years ago

We have a 10 team league and we've been using fleaflicker for the last 6-7 seasons and love it. This season we decided to use the live draft because we have a couple of owners the live in other states. The rest of us all got together at one location because not everyone had access to a cpu. But because not everyone was logged into the live server when it came time for them to draft the server auto picked for them. We thought we had the problem solved by pausing the draft while they made their pick and the commish drafted for them. But because there is only 60 min. of pause time available, towards the end of the draft we ran out of pause time and then everything went wrong. SO I think a simple solution to this problem would be a tab to turn auto draft on or off. With auto draft off the owner would have the set time to pick and no need to pause.

I know we're not the only league that has had the same problem. And I thought this would be a better solution then using up unlimited server time.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

It's something that we are going to consider with our new draft room that we're revamping and will be ready soon, but not quite yet. Thank you for your well-written email and feedback.

messierhof07 4 years ago