Mirage88 4 years ago

My league uses an IR spot for injured players who are deemed at least 'Out' for each week. As of now this allows players who were drafted and suspended to be placed in that spot, which wasn't the initial intent, but I don't seem to have a way to change that as commissioner. Any way to have a check box which says 'allow suspended players' or something along those lines?

DonTerminator 2 years ago

This needs another bump. Adds an unnecessary component for already task-ridden commissioners to check to keep owners honest each week.

idiameandada 2 years ago

I would like to bump this one. We should have the option to not allow suspended players on the IR.

Dredog 2 years ago

I would like to bump this and add suspensions to the list of options. I want to be able to allow players that are suspended for the year to be on IR.