Chiefdustin 5 years ago

League rules section needs a sticky or a location I can insert my league rules.

I have rules and announcements that need to be seen but once put up on the very POORLY designed message board they get lost very quickly.

We either need a sticky for the message board, an announcement text or a text field on the league rules section.

JAMwiz 5 years ago

To help out the dynasty leagues it would be nice if you could add to the league rules for your on personal by laws. I do agree with the message board that things can get lost real quickly couldn't imagine a league that has been on here for several years on how far back you would have to search for something. Sorry piggy backing on this. Also would be nice if on the message board with every new post it would roll it to the top so you don't have to search for what the new comment was. Hard to see new comment on a small little phone sometimes.

Chiefdustin 5 years ago

The message board is a complete mess, it is confusing and a bit of a cluster f.

Volt 5 years ago

Another idea that has been brought up for years with zero progress. It's a shame, such a small thing that could be so helpful.

Chiefdustin 5 years ago