DonTerminator 5 years ago

No offense guys, but you kind of need to do a massive cleanup of your player database. I'm searching around my league to see what team had Ray Rice, so I hit "Rice" in the player search field and I get guys like Simeon & Jerry Rice still popping up.

Not even just that they still exist, but I still even claim them for crying out loud. All those extra people that shouldn't be there just cluster up the menu & use up unneeded space. Do you guys currently have any plans to clean this up?

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

The retired players are purposely left in the database for historical/archival/statistical purposes. We wouldn't want to remove them, they actually show detailed history of their games and also in past leagues that have been here since 2005.

Also, players like Randy Moss that returned after a year off, some deeper dynasty leagues actually hold onto players like these for a chance of a return.

daddydunc 5 years ago

I can understand it cluttering up the database but I think it's pretty funny that old players are still around.

In my league at the end of the year there's always a former player FA signing that draws some laughs

DonTerminator 5 years ago

Correction: I don't claim them, but I could if I were an idiot lol.