Run_CMC 4 years ago

Those read markers that are sitting next to player's names have recently been showing up a lot. I've had multiple owners complain about them saying that they are not needed and it just makes things a little more "clustered".

Will these things be there forever or are you guys going to remove them?


Run_CMC 4 years ago

Red markers*

Jet 4 years ago

I agree, they should go away. Also, I may look to move our Fleaflicker league as it seems the "info" that is provided for a fee should be free.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

The red markers serve as extra information where you can upgrade and unlock information for players as part of our Fleaflicker Competitive Edge package that we're excited about. As of now, we are going to leave them and apologize if it's a bother.

We never offered that content on our website before and none of the news or articles that you are used to reading and informing you are being taken away from you -- so you would just be getting more by upgrading, not less in any way. It serves as an extra complement to all the news we already offer, which has been upgraded this season to offer the yellow notepad (Rotoworld News) & the blue notepad (Articles). That is a free improvement for all users for the year we rolled out a month or so ago.

None of our resources for enhancements or news are being taken away by this.