MikeSmith2011 5 years ago

The line chart that loads every time you look at a player has some good info, but I would like to see it at the bottom of the page. Its the one that compares that player with the avg at his position, and also the top player at that position for each week. 90% of the time I look at a player page its to see his points scored each week, or to see the match ups for the following weeks. The chart gets in the way because I have to scroll down to see the end part of the season (namely the playoffs). Also the chart does not even load on my android (this is less of an issue because the chart info isn't critical).

Overall I would like to week by week info displayed first with the line chart at the bottom of the page, or a feature that allows the chart to be permanently switched on or off. I would also not mind if the chart was taken away altogether, as it gets in the way more than it is useful.

Chiefdustin 5 years ago

I swear I came to the forum only to post the exact same thing.

I very rarely use it, and it pops up after already scrolling down, very obnoxious.

About 99% of the time I want to look at week to week stats, in numbers. I don't care about average ranks from week to week, and if I do it should not be the first thing I see or cause page bounce.

CJPERZ 5 years ago

I concur