Jason 1 decade ago

Is there some way we can get up to date player info, such as injuries, starting status, etc?

fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

Injuries are already displayed next to each player. From the "Players" tab (or from any team roster), look at the "Injury" column in the table. If it is blank, the player is not on the injury report.

If the player is listed as Out, Doubtful, Questionable, or Probable, their injury status is displayed instead.

You can also get details about the injury by placing your mouse cursor over the player's injury status.

(For example, Rex Grossman is now listed as "Out". If you mouse over the word "Out", you see that his ankle is injured.)

Also, after signing in, the Fleaflicker home page displays a short list of the most important injuries in the league. This is a list of injuries that affect the best players.

You can also see a short list of NFL news items on the homepage.

Other than that, we currently don't offer any other player new and analysis, but it is certainly something we are working on for the future.