jiminhixson 5 years ago

We would like option for no delay on player trades. We have a small friends only league and sometimes the 24 hour minimum trade review delay makes last minute trades impossible.

Thank you

TheBov 4 years ago

Ask your commish to agree that any last-minute trades who he/she feels will not be a problem and are fair trades to execute them immediately in order that both teams can then use these players. The commish can do this, I run a friends only league also and operate this policy for all team owners.

jiminhixson 4 years ago

I appreciate the help, but I know how to execute a trade immediately. This post wasn't meant as a "How do I". I was posting a suggestion of an option that the players in my league have asked for.

Why couldn't there be a choice of No delay in addition to the current choices (48 hours, 24 hours)? The commish or the alternate aren't always available to force a trade. In a small friends only league like we are in, we don't worry about a trade that isn't right. Might be a small percentage of leagues that would ever use it, but I know we would.

DallasFootball 4 years ago

where do you go to execute the trade?

TheBov 4 years ago

In the Trades section, the commish will see details of an agreed trade. To the right of this, the commish will have the option to either cancel or execute the trade. Just click on execute.

Hope this helps.